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Manifold Partners Macro Note: Five China Issues

In December of 2014, one of our portfolio companies, Manifold Partners, welcomed two key members to their staff.  The Global Opportunity Macro Team is led by Dr. Simon Nocera, an accomplished fund manager and analyst of both developed and emerging markets with decades of experience, and supported by Marianne O, who has been researching and investing in emerging markets debt, equities, and currencies for over 20 years.  For more information on the team please visit their website.

Click here to read Marianne's most recent white paper on the current environment in China, "Five China Issues." The paper addresses major macro themes observed on her recent trip to both mainland China and Hong Kong. 


Industry Veterans join Manifold Partners - COO Departs

Manifold Partners announced the appointment of a new Chairman of the Board and a new member of its Scientific Advisory Board. 

Fred Grauer, former Chairman of Barclays Global Investors, has stepped in to be Chairman of the Board of Manifold Partners LLC, replacing Donald H. Putnam of Grail Partners LLC, who remains on the board. Mr. Putnam continues as Chief Executive Officer of Manifold. Jeremy Evnine and Jim Creighton, both of Manifold Partners, are also board members. 

Don Ezra, former Co-Chair Global Consulting, Russell Investments, has joined the Scientific Advisory Board, headed by Blake Grossman, also a former CEO and Chairman of Barclays Global Investments. The Scientific Advisory Board also includes Andrew Rudd, CEO of Advisor Software Inc. and former CEO of BARRA.  

Mr. Grauer said “I have great respect for the talents of my Manifold colleagues with whom I have had a long and successful relationship.  In business and innovation, the vital few make an extraordinary difference.” 

“This is a big day for Manifold Partners” said Jim Creighton, a founder of Manifold Partners. “It is a pleasure to welcome Fred and Don to the Manifold Partners team.” 

Mr. Creighton and Chief Science Officer Jeremy Evnine previously worked at BGI and were key to these recruitments. “Fred and Blake have followed our work for several years” said Dr. Evnine “and we are excited to have them here. Don has exactly the gravitas and deep experience we need to help set our scientific strategy.” 

Manifold Partners also announced the departure of its COO Mike Lawsky. “Mike built up our infrastructure during his ten months as our COO; we are grateful for his service and pleased to have him as a continuing investor in our firm and its products” said Mr. Putnam. An executive recruited by Mr. Lawsky four months ago resigned with him. Both men worked off-site in Newport Beach, and the Company has closed that facility. 

Mr. Grauer was Chairman/CEO of BGI from 1983 to 1998 during which AuM grew from $12 billion to $619 billion.  Mr. Grauer lives in the Bay Area and may be reached at