At Grail Partners, we get involved early and stay as long as it takes — as a value-added investor, our top priority is getting our portfolio companies to a place where they can succeed under their own steam. We work with our portfolio companies on key strategic issues such as executive and investment team recruitment, product development and distribution, M&A opportunities and equity and debt financing.

Finance, like so many industries, is all about striking the right balance between creativity and salesmanship, and we feel we’ve found the sweet spot. Our extensive experience in M&A gives us (and therefore our portfolio companies) a competitive edge in creative structuring, and our industry connections provide direct and immediate access to dealflow, allowing us to get the jump on opportunities or act with caution where necessary. 

Our style isn’t for everyone: we keep a tight focus [on WHAT?] and we favor positive disruption over comfortable stasis. While we typically take minority positions, we strive to add value and influence outcomes through the board room and strategic, straightforward advice.   

If you're ready to shake things up a bit and rebuild your portfolio better, stronger, faster, Grail is the investment club for you.

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